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The war over our culture is no longer a theory— it is a clear and present reality. We can see the mayhem, but we often feel helpless in the face of invisible forces that seek to destroy the very fabric of our modern civilization. The line between good and evil seems blurred and at times it can be difficult to tell whether you are part of the problem or the solution. The social tools we relied on decades ago just don’t seem to work the same way today. We need a fresh understanding of the bad philosophies that threaten us, as well as powerful language and practical tools to cultivate real and enduring peace in our generation. For the days ahead, you’ll need more courage and wisdom than you have ever had before. In this book, you’ll find new understanding, mindsets, and encouragement you need to be a more powerful force for good right here, right now. 

What other thought leaders are saying

"Simply brilliant. Leigh writes with a true gift for making profound concepts accessible in bite-sized chunks. She courageously holds a mirror to American culture pointing to strengths and weaknesses, while both identifying the problems and proposing real solutions. A must read for any true culture-creator."
- Dan McCollam
Author, Speaker, and Founder of Sounds of the Nations, Co-Founder of the Prophetic Company and Spiritual Intelligence Institute
"Leigh Sloan has written a modern-day masterpiece. Pride and Privilege is a clarion call for a generation to rise above current societal norms. This book will challenge the reader to choose to rise above the toxic tribalism of our times and move toward each other with genuine curiosity and respect for the inherent dignity of other humans. She invites us to embrace "cathedral thinking" and dare to begin building something that will last for many generations. It’s time we re-learn to hold multiple paradigms in tension to have transformative conversations that will change the cultural landscape of our world for the betterment of all. Are you ready to get your brave on? If so, you will love this book!"
– Meagan Blessing, Author of Going to Extremes: Trusting God with the Adventure of Your Life
"Pride and Privilege urges and equips readers to become catalysts for brave conversations. With a compelling Kingdom framework, Sloan provides practical guidance for co-laboring with God and others to promote reconciliation in your sphere of influence. It’s a powerful read for Christ-followers willing to have transformative dialogue and answer the call to be a solution in today’s culture."
– Shae Bynes, Founder of Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur and Author of Grace Over Grind
"Leigh Sloan brings understanding to this confusing world. Before reading her book, Pride and Privilege, I sometimes felt like society was moving so fast in the wrong direction that I couldn’t keep up. Her book put the pieces together for me, lifted me to place with a higher perspective, and gave me confidence to stay engaged. Leigh imparts wisdom while crafting every phrase and sentence skillfully. She trumpets a clear call to remain in the game. Remain in the light. Be the light that is confidently shining in your sphere of influence. However big or small that is, your light and influence is eternally significant."
– Dr. Harold R. Eberle, President of Worldcast Ministries and Publishing​
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