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Book Leigh Sloan for a speaking engagement that meets your needs

Keynote Topics: other topics available upon request

  • Brave Conversations: how to discuss controversial issues in a way that promotes understanding and not division

  • The Point of Privilege: what privilege really means and how to utilize it to benefit those around you

  • Linguistic Intelligence: understand how words are often used as weapons and how to use them to cultivate understanding across worldviews

  • Unlocking Your Passion and Purpose: how to discover who you are and activate your original design

  • Politics the Kingdom Way: what Christians often get wrong about political engagement and how we can course correct

  • Peacemaking and the 3 Gloves: understanding the difference between peacekeeping, peacemaking, and three different ways we can view the world

Seminars: each seminar is approximately 6-8 hours and may be adjusted according to your needs

Need to equip your group on how to keep their minds and hearts engaged in a postmodern culture? How to cultivate their influence even in the midst of chaos? This seminar will explore key concepts from the book Pride and Privilege: expand your influence in cultural chaos. Key topics can be expanded upon based on your preferences and needs. Key topics include: toxic tribalism, conversational quadrants, words as weapons, true tolerance, religious isolationism, the purpose of privilege, and more!

This seminar is for groups who want to begin to intentionally begin having brave and transformative conversations in their daily lives. Whether it is cultivating brave conversations in their personal lives, their workplace, or their larger community, we believe that brave conversations tranform our worlds. Learn healthy boundaries around these conversations so you don't go into them unprotected and blind. Whether you want to create your own community conversations or you want to influse it into your existing culture, we can customize these concepts into a seminar that meets your needs.

This class is for Christians who want to gain clarity around the specific purpose for which they were designed and begin taking steps to advance that purpose. While this class can also be taken individually online, we can do an in-person seminar with your group. When people get ahold of their purpose it is amazing how fast they move forward and realize their God-given potential. Each person will walk away with a powerful purpose statement that will help guide them in this current season of life. They will identify the common pitfalls in walking out that purpose so that they will be able to run their race with grace and joy. Doing this as a group is transformative as you identify and mine the gold out of those around you.

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