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Keynote Topics

  • The Point of Privilege: The word “privilege” has been weaponized in recent days, but it doesn’t need to be that way. Discover how the focus can shift from an accusatory victim orientation to an opportunity to use our privilege to benefit the world around us.

  • Brave Conversations: Debates are becoming less effective in our postmodern world. “Safe spaces” might be well-intentioned, but are often equally ineffectual. What we need is brave people engaging in brave conversations. Learn the tools and boundaries around conversations that bring significant reformation.

  • Linguistic Intelligence: Words are to our age, what bronze was to the Bronze Age. Words have the power to create worlds of understanding or confusion. It’s no wonder words are weaponized against us. Learn the art of wielding your words with skill so that you see more transformation each time you open your mouth.

  • Passion and Purpose: Christians typically know who we all are as children of God. What we don’t know is the specific reason we were created as individuals.  In other words, we know our “last name” but are unclear about our “first name.” All creation is yearning for the sons of God to be revealed. It’s time we put effort into discovering and activating who we are.

  • Cultivate Cultural Reform:  Many Christians don’t engage in government, in controversy, or in much needed societal reforms because they fear getting caught up in petty arguments and perpetuating problems. But separating ourselves is not the solution. This message will help us more skillfully integrate our faith into every area of life with the both courage and wisdom needed as we bring light and salt to our spheres.

  • Christianity in a Postmodern World: Most people underestimate or take for granted the effect Christianity has had on our present culture. They have highlighted the skeletons in our closet and seek to deconstruct all cultural norms to the point that we lose the heritage that helped us prosper for centuries. Now is not the time to try to recreate the past, but to ask ourselves how God is moving in the midst of our chaos and how we can be agents of that hope and change for such a time as this.

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Seminars and Workshops

Each seminar is approximately 6-8 hours and may be adjusted according to your needs

The Cultural Architect's Workshop addresses the key barriers to clear thinking and communicating in our postmodern culture. It will help leaders to more clearly identify how they can create lasting and positive change in their spheres of influence. It will explore key concepts from the book: Pride and Privilege. We will examine four key cultural pillars that shape our present reality, give you keys to becoming a brave conversationalist, unravel and reinvent concepts that our culture has weaponized, and begin reconstruct hope-filled solutions in the midst of the chaos.

The Brave Conversations workshop-style seminar is for groups who want to intentionally begin having brave and transformative conversations. Whether it is cultivating braver conversations in their workplace, personal lives, or their larger community, we believe that you can't have transformation without brave conversations. Learn healthy boundaries around these conversations so you don't go into them unprotected and blind. Whether you want to create brand new venues for community conversations or you want to infuse it into your existing culture, this seminar will help you begin the transformational process.

Passion and Purpose is for Christians who want to gain clarity around the specific purpose for which they were designed and begin taking steps to advance that purpose. When people get ahold of their purpose it is amazing how fast they move forward and realize their God-given potential. Each person will walk away with a powerful purpose statement that will help guide them in this current season of life. They will identify the common pitfalls in walking out that purpose so that they will be able to run their race with grace and joy. Doing this as a group is transformative as you identify and mine the gold out of those around you.

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